Ignition stuck or broken in your car located in Harrisburg?

Is your Ignition stuck? Are you having problems turning your car’s ignition? We can help. We provide Harrisburg vehicle locksmith services for you 7 days a week.

Ignition lock cylinders generally operate in four positions, the first is used to unlock the steering wheel lock, the second is used to power on the vehicle’s accessories also know as ACC, the third is used to power on the vehicle’s multiple computers and fuel system, the fourth is used to crank the engine and should spring back to the on position once you crank your vehicle. When the ignition lock cylinder has issues it can cause problems with powering on and starting the vehicle. A worn out or faulty lock cylinder will produce obvious symptoms that can alert the vehicle operator of a potential issue. At the first sign of resistance turning, resistance inserting or resistance pulling the key out of the lock you should immediately call a locksmith and see the recommendations to remedy the problem.

Common ignition problems include – Your key won’t turn the to the on position to start the car, You key is jammed in the car’s key cylinder and you can not get it out, Your key no longer works to start your car, Your key somehow has become no longer programmed into your car so your car will not start, Your car is running and you can not turn it off the ignition with not turn off.

When you are having Harrisburg locksmith problems call CLT locksmith of Harrisburg for all your cars lock problems we can troubleshoot and get the problem fixed for you. We use only genuine OEM parts for your vehicle lock repairs. Our lock replacement of choice is Strattec.


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