Uhaul keys lost? We cut and program Uhaul keys.

Uhaul keys lost or misplaced? CLT Locksmith can make a new key to your UHaul truck if you have lost or misplaced it. Each truck has a different type of key and before you call us to get the price for the U-Haul truck key, you will need to get this information:

The make and model of your U-Haul truck
The year of Your U-Haul truck
Key code or Key cuts.

The U-Haul company usually has the key information on file for each truck, or stored inside of the truck, but not always. To save you money, U-Haul keeps records of the key information for each truck, but locks get changed frequently due to loss.

Whether you have all this information or not, we can still make the keys for the U-Haul truck. Give us a call, we can make you a new U Haul truck key wherever the truck location is in the Denver metro area.
Have you lost or misplaced you U Haul moving truck key? We can cut additional keys for you on site and let you and your movers get back on the road quickly. With so many people moving to or coming in and out of the Harrisburg NC area for special events we see a lot of U-Haul trucks in the area any day of the week.

If you lost your UHaul keys to your truck or van we can make you a new one saving you a lot of money over having the truck towed back into a U-Haul service center in Harrisburg or Charlotte, NC and then paying, even more, to have them make a key.

We are a local Locksmith in that serves Harrisburg NC and Concord NC that can help with your lost Uhaul Keys.

Uhaul Keys lost?

We can make you a new key for your lost UHaul truck coming out to your location creating a new working key for you saving a lot of time and money. We understand time is money and want to get you moving as quickly as we can. NEVER leave CHILDREN or KEYS unattended in the truck.

Uhaul keys lost? Give us a call we can help (980) 521-6952

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