Car keys cut and programmed to a 2017 Ford F150

Today we will focus on making car keys for a 2017 Ford F series truck which uses a high-security flip key. I was contacted by the customer who stated they need help with multiple car keys and the Ford dealer said they could not add more than 8 keys to the truck. Since this is a fleet vehicle with multiple drivers and who often lose keys this posed a problem. I was able to find a way to cut and program as many keys and remotes as this company required for this truck. Do you have a fleet and need additional keys? Maxed out at 8 transponders and need more? Dealer says sorry 8 is the limit. We can help. At CLT Locksmith we use the latest high-security Laser Key technology that allows us to keep your keys cut precisely to original factory specifications allowing for a greater life span from your door locks and Ignition. If a key is brought in for duplication we will always do our best to get the newly cut car key back in OEM specs. We offer a variety of different key types, on this Ford F150 we programmed multiple remote head flip keys (RHK) and standard plastic head high-security car keys. We can cut and program keys without the remote portion if you need to keep your fleets bottom line in balance. Transponder keys must be programmed to your car’s computer and communicate with your vehicle in order to allow the vehicle to crank. Most all cars will come from the factory with 2 keys programmed to the car. If you decided to opt out of additional keys at the time of vehicles purchase I would recommend having at least 3 car keys for all vehicles you own. One for each driver and one to put in a safe place such as a safe for further access. CLT Locksmith cuts and programs the vast majority of car keys and remotes on the road. We stock most manufacturers OEM remotes and can overnight any speciality items your fleet would require.

Ford F150 flip keys

Are you in need of a Ford transponder key?

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